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Clean, Correct, Refine & Protect.

We have spent many years researching products and building on the skills and experience required to transform your car. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and strive to give each car the individual attention it deserves.


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(This demonstrates the typical results achieved at DMC).

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Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 (Eleanor Spec) - Wow!  We just had to share this one here as the interest has been overwhelming, but then again it is pretty special!  For more info and photos please check FB here - 


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Jaguar F-Pace SVR after full paint protection film coverage

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This lovely, hard-to-miss Jaguar now looks perfect and is ready to be used as intended with little fear of stone chips or wash marring due to the fantastic self-healing nature of ProFilm ReGen PPF!

 Knight Rider / K.I.T.T at DMC!

In case you missed it, this has had a huge response on social media, with over 1.2 million views and counting now on our TikTok page:


 ProFilm Paint Protection Film Training & GraphTec Plotter Installation!


We have now completed further PPF training and had our very own GraphTec plotter installed, meaning we can now cut patterns instantly in-house using what we believe to be the very best paint protection film on the market.

There are some incredible options available with the ProFilm PPF ProColor Series of Film, including the below options:

  • Black Shine, Silver Shine, Gold Shine
  • Pink Diamond, Blue Diamond 
  • Champagne Diamond, Green Diamond
  • Green Chameleon, Purple Chameleon

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GYEON PPF Course is complete!

We are proud to have completed the Gyeon paint protection film application course, meaning we are now fully certified to not only offer their certified detailer coatings but also the fantastic Gyeon paint protection film (PPF). 

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May 2022

It's all go here at DMC!

We'd like to welcome our new starter Dominic who is now a full time member of the team, starting out as a trainee so he'll be learning the ropes starting with the day to day stuff building up to a full fledged detailer enabling us to increase throughput and hopefully reduce booking time.

GYEON have recently developed and released an entire new range of ceramic coatings which we have been using for nearly 6 months with absolutely fantastic results, please check out their website or contact us for more info!

April 2022

Lots of new cars starting to come through, we've been busy uploading all the pics and details on our ever evolving Faceboook page so please check it out here

March & April 2020 

WE ARE HERE!  Although very limited on what work we can offer, we are working hard to put together some home detailing essentials such as our wonderful wash mitts, drying towels and shampoo.  These products will all be kept live in the shop section of our site so please keep checking but there are already some updated items in there.

CONTACT US!  If you're stuck for tips / ideas on how to keep the car maintained or if you've had an idea to try something out and just want to run it past us first please feel free to E-mail / Text / WhatsApp directly on 07920 867771 / Email [email protected] 

We are of course keen to get work booked in as soon as things clear up so if you're debating getting some work done in the future now is a great time to discuss the options.

Stay safe, look after yourselves and your precious vehicles and hopefully we will see you all soon!

February 2020

Two exciting events for us, one being the UK Gyeon certified detailer meet being held at our premesis.  This was all about furthering our technical knowledge and application techniques on the very latest Gyeon accreddited products

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February 2020

The other exciting development -

More news is that here at DMC we are now fully trained and certified to offer professional grade Labocosmetica coatings, manufactured in house by MA-FRA in Italy just outside Milan.

We figured it only right to make a Ferrari the first car we coated with the Labocosmetica range, and the results were simply stunning!  Please read more about this above or E-mail us to discuss the options.

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