About DMC

DMC are a fully insured vehicle appearance specialist based in Newbury, Berkshire and covering the surrounding area, we have customers reaching as far as Exeter, Southend, Birmingham and beyond.  We operate from our own detailing studio in Newbury, at the former RAF Greenham site now known as Greenham Business park in a fantastic 4,000 sqft unit which we have invested heavily in to ensure perfect results.  We also have a dedicated PPF (Paint protection film) bay with air conditioning and the correct lighting.
The Detailing bay:
If you want that mirror like finish typically only seen on show cars, we can help!  The main difference with professional car detailing vs car valeting is most of our time is spent carrying out a process that refines the paintwork, removing surface swirls and scratches which can make the colour seem dull. A lot of time and specialist products are used to get these results so don't be fooled by someone offering a cheap "Mop" or machine polish for £50 as the results are leagues apart and we stand by this.  Having been in business since 2010 we have seen a lot of changes to this industry but have always undertaken any training or courses that we feel essential to help keep us at the top of our game and up to date with the very latest in detailing products and technology.
We also keep stock of a number of products in house that you can purchase to help maintain that just detailed look and always advise on safe wash methods to help you reduce the risk of swirls and scratches and ultimately save you a lot of time when you do clean your car.
For the most up to date view of what we have been working on please visit our Facebook page here:  DMC FB Page (You don't need an account to view it)
Products and Techniques
Most of the products used in our details simply aren't available for the public to purchase, in fact in most cases you need accreddited status to be able to offer the protection products we offer.  Each product is carefully selected to ensure only the best results are achieved and when it comes to protection we are approved by some of the world's leading manufacturers to apply their coatings in a controlled environment having completed the necessary training required.  We have exlusive rights in this area to use professional coatings from Gyeon, Feynlab and Labocosmetica.
Correcting paintwork requires a lot of care & experience as starting off with a variety of machine polishers from rotary action, dual action (long throw and short throw) there are also hundreds of polish & pad combinations for us to pick from and no two cars are ever the same so this is where experience counts to ensure the best possible finish for each car.  Having the ability to measure the paint depth also means we can take extra care on painted areas or at the very least make sure we find a working combination of products for each panel as painted panels are never quite the same as original.  
Protection is a key element to any detail carried out so we have a number of top professional grade coatings to pick from which can all be discussed and agreed at the time of booking depending on what you want to achieve whether it's an extremely durable option such as Paint Protection film, or a professional grade ceramic coating that will last 5+years.
What we do
High quality fully insured (incl road risk) vehicle detailing service offering paint correction, paint protection film (PPF), ceramic coating, paint enhancement, swirl removal, protection for old, new or cherished vehicles - clean, correct, refine & protect.
Offering a service unrivalled in the area we guarantee you will be blown away by the results, often ending up with a car that looks better then the day it rolled out of the factory.
We also offer interior & engine bay detailing, wheel refurbishment & coating, vehicle storage, Motorbike detailing, brake calliper painting, headlight restoration, paint protection film and more so there's a huge amount that can be achieved and each quote can be tailored to suit you down to the very last detail.  We also work closely with a few bodyshops around the area that we trust having experienced work from just about all of them we feel we are in a good position to recommend and help ensure the work done to your vehicle is of the highest standards. 
A large number of jobs we do involve us also helping with arranging bookings for paintwork repairs so please get in touch if you would like to discuss this or any of the above options.
How to reach us
Tel : 01635 34458 / 07920 867771
Unit 89NE Greenham Business Park
RG19 6HW