Paint Protection Options

Protection is the final and possibly most important stage of having your car detailed, so please read through and feel free to ask us any questions.

Ceramic coatings, or PPF, are the two main options, and usually where we would start a discussion.

PAINT PROTECTION FILM (PPF) - The ultimate in physical protection and the only way to maximise protection against chips, scuffs and scrapes.

In recent years, you've probably heard more and more about Paint Protection Film or "PPF" but this product is simply the best thing you can put on a vehicle to prolong the paint finish underneath. It's also the most expensive option, but for outright protection there is nothing like it. We often get asked to do the most vulnerable areas, such as the front bumper or rear luggage loading area, but the most common solution is a full front end or full car. We have been fully trained in the UK with ProFilm, Gyeon & Premium shield but from 2024 on, our only option to offer our customers is ProFilm, as we feel this is the best product with the best patterns and ultimately gives us the best results for our customers.

We have our own Graphtec plotter and a dedicated PPF bay with air conditioning and clean, slip-free flooring to enable us to do the best possible job. Be sure to check our Facebook page for the latest work. In recent weeks, we have completed some fantastic PPF jobs on a huge variety of cars.




HERE for more information on the ProFilm range of films

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The two ProFilm options we use most are below, but there is also a Matt & Satin version for specific paint types (or to create a different finish)!


  • Instant-healing
  • Anti-yellowing
  • Stain resistance
  • Super-easy to install
  • 7-Year warranty

Ultra Clear PRO:

  • Heat-healing
  • Anti-yellowing
  • Supreme stain resistance
  • Hydrophobic properties
  • Easy to install
  • 12-year warranty

CERAMIC / GLASS / NANO / GRAPHENE COATINGS (Yes they usually always mean the same)!

Nearly all cars leave us with some form of ceramic coating, even if it's a 6-month type ceramic-based quick detailer or spray sealant, leading all the way to our own 2 part product giving 5+ years of protection. We have been using coatings for over 10 years now, so we know all the benefits and how to get the best out of a coating once installed. We will happily talk you through these when booking your car in.

We are proud to be officially authorised to offer some of the best modern coatings on the planet, all of which we have tested, proven, and authorised to use on your vehicle. These products are made and tested in dedicated manufacturing facilities all across the world including Italy, USA & S.Korea.  In more recent times, we've taken a big step into the world of coatings by using one of the world's leading manufacturers to make two coatings for us. This has enabled us to maintain control over the quality, volume, and stock of the products we like to use most and believe will give the best possible results for our customers. If you wish to know more, please just get in touch.




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There are many other coatings on the market, most of which we have tried and tested, so if you have any specific products you'd like used on your car, we are more than happy to oblige where possible. 

WHEEL COATINGS - These are some of the products we often use when coating wheels, it depends on which product we use for the specific use of the vehicle (for example a track car or a daily driver).

KKD R-Evolve ceramic wheel coating :

DMC Wheels - We have been using our own wheel specific coating for over 12 months now, with nothing but great feedback and results. 

Gyeon Q2 Rim ceramic coating :


INTERIOR PROTECTION - A few examples of some of the products we use for interior protection are:

Gyeon Leather Shield :

Gyeon Fabric Coat :

GTechniq I1 Smart Fabric :


  • 6 to 18 months of durability
  • Highly oil and water repellent
  • No change to fabric look or feel


Gyeon Q2 View :

Dodo Juice Supernatural Glass Sealant :

G-Techniq G1 Clear Vision Smart-Glass :



Gyeon Q2 TRIM :